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February 15, 2002
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Cuba - Streetscape by kgcreative Cuba - Streetscape by kgcreative
Spring 2001, Havana vieja, Cuba (Old Havana)
Near dusk, a group of boys gather to play.
You can see background activity as part of everyday Havana. If you look in the background, on the right side of the street, you will also see some sheets hung there to dry.

Canon Elan 7e
Sigma 28-105 lens
Kodak Tri-X pan film
Digital Dodging, Burning & Toning in PS6

for those of yer that keep complaining about the quality of the shot... this is NOT a digital camera, there is such a thing as grain, which when I developed the film, I pushed, in order to enhance such thing. The other reason why the grain is so apparent, is because photoshop's resampling algorithm has a hard time dealing with the grain pattern without "enhancing" it, which means that the grain looks larger in the resampled image than on the print itself...
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lovely. can you add it to my cuba group please?
Excellent shot. Really well done.
you know, I've still got my print of this. it's hanging up in my office.

I need a new frame for it.
italianstyle Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
my beautiful cuba, my country, lovely^^
that is probably the greatest image of this genre i've ever seen..the lighting and contrast are transcendent. this is a norman rockwell of BW photography
I liked it alot. looks like time standst still in Cuba :+fav:
Tartinette Oct 3, 2006   Photographer
Very nice. It represents so much Cuba. It's just the everyday things that makes the island and the people so special. Fav!
Hello :wave:
I have featured your *ArtistsForCharity print in my journal. Wanted to let you know :clap: it's a truly lovely photo.

i love the grain in this image, it enhances it!. i could tell before reading your explanation that it was film. i love film. it has a quality that digital doesn't. i don't care what people say, film has a certain look to it that is far better than digital.
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